Lets start with the reason why I decided to start writing this. Well, it’s really simple and very complicated at the same time. Like most things in life. Simple in the sense that it gives me a way of capturing the words that spin around in my head. Complicated in the sense that writing about things kind of makes them reality, which is seriously frightening.

Reasons. Those that we give others as excuses for why we didn’t do things. Those that we give ourselves for why we didn’t or couldn’t or wouldn’t do things. Reasons. Those that people sometimes don’t give us. And sometimes it’s weird how confusing and hurtful it is when someone does not give you a reason. More hurtful than when they give us the so-called reasons. And sometimes the so-called reasons hurt just as much anyway. Reasons. Those that motivate us to do things we’ve never done before or dreamed to do before. Those that make us do things we probably shouldn’t have but did anyway. Those that scare you. Those that make you laugh uncontrollably. Those that make you feel better than you have felt in a long time. Reasons. Those that make you stay and those that make you leave. Or those that make others leave.

But the thing about reason is, it’s got nothing to do with the really hard things in life. Things like happiness. And love. In these things we have no control. I guess the reason why I started to write is so complicated because these are the things that I wish I could say aloud. To you.